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      Shun Tai Construction Machinery Factory is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, adjacent state-level scenic spot Yandang mountains, facing the vast sea is in China in the 21st century the earth the first rays of the sun is shining.

      Factory is a professional production of automatic steel bar bending machine, automatic steel bar straightening cutting machine professional manufacturers, has decades of manufacturing experience, and has a number of national patents. Existing technical personnel more than 200, according to the needs of the user, the development of a dual wire bending hoop machine, third generation of new automatic steel bar bending machine, automatic bar straightening, cutting, bending hoop machine, the machine is widely used in the construction industry, products are sold throughout the country, by users.

      Our tenet: quality first, customer supreme. To first-class service, wholeheartedly welcome domestic and foreign customers come to negotiate business.